International Women’s Day

The Seminar

The Seminar on gender equality organized by Sindh Boy Scouts Association On the occasion of International Women’s Day, held on March 10, 2020, at Muhammad Siddique Memon Scout Auditorium, Pakistan Head Quarters.

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day

The Girls Scouts from Pak Hyderi Scouts Group, Buturab Scouts Group, Fatimiyah Girls Scouts Group Actively participated in International Women’s Day.

Justice (R) Mr. Hasan Feroz Patron Sindh Boy Scouts Association & Ex District Scout Commissioner, Syed Akhtar Meer Provincial Secretary, Mr. Furqan Ahmed Yousufi Commissioner Development & Media, Abdul Hai Khan, Commissioner Youth, Mr. Tahir Shaikh Commissioner Rescue, Dr. Kanza Kanwal, and Other addressed.

The speakers said during addressing a seminar held at the Muhammad Siddique Memon Scout Auditorium in connection with the “World Women’s Day” under the Sindh Boy Scouts Association. That we, women, play a vital role in the values ​​of Pakistani Society. We will continue to do so the betterment for the society. This is fact that we are facing so many problems but one day we will be able to get rid of these problems at the very least of our courage.

Women have to make a commitment today. We have to introduce a society that is based on equality. We cannot see women as enraged, but we need a hard work for women’s rights on this, no one raise a finger and would not cause any new debate.

The Participants of Seminar included:

  • Justice (R) Hassan Feroz, Sindh Boy Scouts Association
  • Syed Akhtar Mir Provincial Secretary
  • Abdul Hai Khan
  • Tahir Sheikh
  • Fultan Ahmed Yousafi
  • Mohammad Javed
  • Tariq Ali
  • Mohammad Sadiq Mirza Ashfaq Beg
  • Female Scouts Leaders Bashra Ehsan
  • Dr. Kanzi Kanwal
  • Deputy Director Madam Noshabha
  • Anis Begum
  • Shazia Nasreen
  • Aisha Majeed
  • Noshaba Farhana
  • Al Shaheen and others.

On this occasion, Justice (Retd) Hasan Feroz said that not only March 8 is the day of women but the day of women is either a whole year or society is incomplete without women. There is a hand of any women behind the success of every successful man. women are the ones who give good citizens to society. Today’s woman may not be playing the role which is why there is no balance in society.

Provincial Secretary Syed Akhtar Mir said that either its Islamic history or the history of the independence of Pakistan, women set an example which can never be forgotten by history.

We can achieve that success by connecting with our religion and society, not by following the footsteps of the non-existent. The Girl Scouts of Crescent Rover Scouts from Tando Adam presented a beautiful tablue on “We Are, We Daughters.”

Rescue jackets were given in appreciation of the services of the Rover Scouts, who were serving in the Golimar tragedy in the past.


Courtesy by Commissioner
Information and Broadcasting
Sindh Boy Scouts Association

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