Covid-19 Protective Measures

WHO regarding the current outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The Sindh Boy Scouts Association arranged awareness session on Basic Protective Measures against the new Coronavirus Symptoms and Prevention.

Protective Measures

  • Stay safe and be prepared!
  • Priority is always to keep Scouts safe.
  • Creating a team all in Sindh at the regional level will make people aware of the precautionary measures.
  • Following World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on Covid-19.
  • Encourages Scouts, volunteers and staff to follow closely as well.
  • Scouts are playing a strong role in their communities during Covid-19.
  • Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands. (WHO)

Session was held on 14, March 2020 at Muhammad Siddique Memon Scout Auditorium, PHQ.

Syed Akhtar Meer, Provincial Secretary (SBSA), Mr. Furqan Ahmed Yousufi Commissioner Development & Media (SBSA), Mr. Tahir Shaikh Commissioner Rescue (SBSA), Mr. Sarwar Hussain (KODBSA), Murad Pyar Ali, Syed Khurshid Jafri, Muhammad Sadiq Jaffrey (KODBSA), Zulfiqar Hakim Ali, Mirza Ashafaq, Manzar Abbas, and Other honorees members of Rescue Team, addressed. Attended by:

  • Head of Girls Section (PHS) Syeda Anum Rizvi
  • Asst. Property Secretary (PHS) Syeda Saboohi Rizvi
  • Asst. Finance Secretary (PHS) Ms. Nadra
  • Group Scouts Leader – Girls (PHS) Syeda Wajiha Hassan Rizvi
  • Finance Member – North (PHS) Ms. Farzana.

Miss. Syeda Anum Rizvi (Head of Girls Section – Pak Hyderi Scouts Pakistan) is selected as Assistant Leader of Rescue team (Girls in Scouting Section Sindh Boy Scouts Assoiation)

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