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Largest Scout Group of Pakistan Governed by Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan. Affiliated with Sindh Boy Scouts Association through Karachi Open District Boy Scouts Association.

Scouts’ Promise:

On my honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to ALLAH (سبحانه و تعالى) , HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم‎‎) and Pakistan and to Help Other People and obey the Scout Law.

Jinnah’s Massage:
(Pakistan Scouts on 22nd December, 1947)

Scouting can play a very vital role in forming the character of our youth, promoting their physical mental and spiritual development, and making them well disciplined, useful and good citizens.
If the real aim of the movement is to be achieved, scouts should learn to pay more than lip service to the scout laws and should not think that the scout movement is limited to going about in uniforms, scarves and badges for show. We are living in a far from perfect world. Despite the progress of civilization, the law of the jungle, unfortunately, still prevails. Might is considered right and the strong do not refrain from exploiting the weak. Self-advancement, greed and lust for power sway the conduct of the individuals as that of nations. If we are to build a safer, cleaner and happier world let us start with the individual–catch him young and inculcate in him the scout’s motto of service before self and purity in thought, word and deed. If our young people learn to befriend all, to help other people at all times, subordinate personal interest to the welfare of others, eschew violence of thought, word and action. I am sanguine that the attainment of universal brotherhood is possible and within our reach. So I wish you God speed.

Message From the Desk of Chief of Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan:

Scouting can play a very vital role in forming the character of our youth, Promoting their physical, mental and spiritual development and making them well disciplined, useful and good citizen. By the grace of ALLAH “Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan” have always a great honor to serve humanity and those who are blessed with this quality, and discipline during last 60 years. Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan which is now a strongest scouting group in Pakistan, is providing services not only community and religious occasions but also spread the area of its activities for providing social selfless services at the occasion of any disaster like earthquake, heavy rains flood, famine etc. Whenever I look back the 60 long years of services provided by the Pak Hyderi Scouts Group to the humanity my heart fills with joy that the Pak Hyderi Scouts never failed once in their untiring task. Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan keep themselves ready at all time to serve the nation in case of need.

I am thankful to our financial supporters because these achievements would not be possible without the generous support of them. My best wishes for all the members of Pak Hyderi Scouts Association, Pakistan, Leaders, and Organizing Committee may Allah shower His blessing on them today and every day.

Yours in Scouting,

Shabbir Ali Saeed

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